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Dr. Fadil T. Çitaku Dr. Andrea Vallevand
Dr. Tyrone Donnon


Dr. Richard Fiordo

Dr. Lubna Baig



Claudio Violato, Ph.D.

Professor and Assistant Dean
IGME & University of Minnesota Medical School


Ahmed Al Ansari, MBBCh, MRCSI, PhD Assistant Professor, Medical Education
Dr. Elpida Artemiou, MSc, PhD Assistant Professor
Lubna Baig, MBBS, MPH, PhD Professor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dean APPNA Institute of Public Health Jinnah Sindh Medical University
Luciano Berti, M.D., M.A. Assistant Professor (Italy)
Guiseppe Brera, M.D., M.A. Professor (Italy)
Fadil T. Çitaku, PhD Professor (Switzerland), DME, DNE, DHE Program Director
Tyrone Donnon, PhD Professor (Canada)
Richard Fiordo, Ph.D. Professor (USA)
Peter Greven, M.D. Professor (Germany)
Anthony Marini, Ph.D. Professor (Canada)
Jose Pereira, M.D., MSc. Associate Professor (Switzerland)
LeRoy D. Travis, Ph.D. Professor (Canada)
Andrea Laurie Cameron Vallevand, Ph.D., MSc. Assistant Professor (Canada)
Dr. Kaissar Yammine, MD, MPH, PhD Associate Professor
Aldo Zanon, M.D., M.A. Professor (Italy)
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