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  History of Medicine    

27. National Library of Medicine

28. National Library of Medicine - Images

29. The University of Western Ontario Archives

30. Wikipedia

31. Karolinska Institutet

32. The Canadian Encyclopedia

33. Open Textbook of Medicine


Medical Pedagogy


34. Canadian Medical Association Journal

35. Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research

36. Karger

37. Charite - Medical and nursing pedagogy

38. Find Health Articles - Scientific history of medical pedagogy


Medical Experts


39. BiomedExperts


Medical Associations and Organizations


40. World Medical Association

41. Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

42. FAIMER - International Opportunities in Medical Education

43. Global Health Education Consortium

44. Medical-Resource.net - Associations

45. Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information - American Recall Center




46. Converting Among Effect Sizes

47. Effect Size Calculator

48. Classical Test Theory vs Item Response Theory


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